Can You Bake Cookies In An Air Fryer

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Updated June 24, 2023
Can You Bake Cookies In An Air Fryer

Are you wondering if you can bake cookies in an air fryer? You've come to the right place! Air fryers are a safe and easy way to make delicious treats.

With a few simple steps, you can make your favorite cookies without having to worry about the mess and hassle of a traditional oven. In this article, you'll learn about the types of cookies suitable for air fryer baking, how to prep your air fryer for baking, and tips and tricks for perfect air fryer cookies.

You'll also find out the pros and cons of baking cookies in an air fryer so you can decide if it's the right choice for you.

Get ready to treat yourself and your family to something sweet!

Can You Bake Cookies in an Air Fryer?

Wondering if it's possible to create delicious treats without an oven? An air fryer might be the answer!

An air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance that uses circulating hot air to cook food. It can be used to bake, fry, and even grill. So, the answer is yes, you can bake cookies in an air fryer!

Not only is it a great way to make your favorite treats without turning on the oven, but it also uses significantly less energy. Plus, air fryers are much safer than traditional ovens, as they don't require preheating and don't get hot to the touch.

With the right recipe, you can make delicious and crispy cookies in no time.

Now let's take a look at the types of cookies suitable for air fryer baking.

Types of Cookies Suitable for Air Fryer Baking

Deciding which type of cookie is best suited for air fryer baking can be a challenging task, but fortunately, there are several types of cookies that can be successfully cooked in an air fryer. Here are four of the most popular choices:

  1. Sugar cookies - These classic cookies have a sweet, buttery flavor and are perfect for air fryer baking.
  2. Chocolate chip cookies - These classic cookies are loved by all, and they're easy to make in the air fryer.
  3. Oatmeal cookies - These cookies are loaded with oats and other ingredients, making them a filling and delicious snack.
  4. Peanut butter cookies - These cookies are packed with flavor and are a great choice for air fryer baking.

With these four cookies, you can have a variety of delicious treats that are sure to please everyone. With the right preparation, you can have delicious, air-fried cookies in no time.

Preparing the Air Fryer for Baking

Get ready for some delicious treats - it's time to prep your air fryer for baking!

Before you begin, make sure the air fryer basket and drawer are clean and free of crumbs and food particles. After cleaning, lightly coat the basket with a non-stick cooking spray. This will help prevent cookies from sticking to the basket and make them easier to remove once they're done.

Additionally, it's important to preheat the air fryer before adding the cookie dough. Preheat the air fryer for 2-3 minutes and set the temperature to 350°F. Once the air fryer has reached the desired temperature, you can add the cookie dough.

With the air fryer prepped, you're ready to start baking!

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Air Fryer Cookies

Discover how to make perfect air fryer treats every time with these helpful tips and tricks - you'll be surprised how easy it is to whip up delicious, melt-in-your-mouth goodies!

To prevent your cookies from sticking to the air fryer basket, lightly spritz the basket with cooking spray before adding your cookie dough. Make sure to use a cookie scoop when adding dough to the basket so that each cookie is the same size and will cook evenly.

Additionally, keep in mind that air fryers are often smaller than traditional ovens, so be sure to leave enough room between individual cookies so they can spread while cooking.

With these helpful tips, you can bake perfect air fryer cookies every time! But the air fryer isn't perfect for every situation. Let's move on to explore the pros and cons of baking cookies in an air fryer.

Pros and Cons of Baking Cookies in an Air Fryer

Creating the perfect batch of treats doesn't always require an oven; the air fryer can whip up delicious desserts in no time! Baking cookies in an air fryer has its pros and cons. Consider the following:

  • Pros: Quick and easy to use, produces evenly cooked cookies, no need to preheat oven, uses less energy than the oven
  • Cons: Small batches only, may require experimentation to get the desired results, cookies may not spread as much as in an oven, may not be able to bake multiple trays at once

Air fryer cookies can be a great alternative to traditional oven-baked cookies. They are faster to make, use less energy, and can produce consistent results. However, they may require a bit of experimentation to get the desired results.

Also, only small batches can be made, and multiple trays may not be able to be cooked at once. With a bit of practice, though, baking cookies in an air fryer can be a delicious and safe way to enjoy your favorite treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use parchment paper for air fryer cookie baking?

Yes, you can absolutely use parchment paper for air fryer cookie baking!

Not only does parchment paper provide a non-stick surface for your cookies to bake on, it also keeps your air fryer clean and free of mess. Parchment paper allows for an even heat distribution, which helps your cookies to bake more evenly.

It also makes it easy to remove the cookies from your air fryer once they're done baking. So, if you're looking for a convenient and mess-free way to bake cookies in your air fryer, parchment paper is the way to go!

Do air fryer cookies take longer than oven-baked cookies?

You may not think of air fryers as a great tool for baking cookies, but they can do the job! When it comes to baking cookies in an air fryer, one of the biggest questions is: do air fryer cookies take longer than oven-baked cookies?

Surprisingly, the answer is no! Air fryer cookies tend to take less time than oven-baked cookies, often finishing up in just a few minutes. So if you're looking for a quick cookie fix, an air fryer is definitely the way to go!

Is it safe to put metal cookie cutters in an air fryer?

You may be wondering if it's safe to put metal cookie cutters in an air fryer. The answer is yes, but with a few precautions.

Make sure the cookie cutter is made of a heat-resistant metal, such as stainless steel, and that it is not too large for the air fryer.

Additionally, you should avoid putting the cookie cutter directly on the air fryer's heating element. Instead, place it on the air fryer's basket or tray.

Finally, keep an eye on the cookie cutter while it's in the air fryer to make sure it doesn't get too hot. With these precautions, you can safely use metal cookie cutters in an air fryer.

Is it better to use butter or oil when baking cookies in an air fryer?

When baking cookies in an air fryer, you have the choice of using butter or oil. Both have their benefits, but butter is generally considered the better option.

Not only does butter add more flavor to your cookies, but it also creates a chewy texture that many people prefer. It also helps the cookies spread and brown more evenly.

On the other hand, oil doesn't allow for the same flavor enhancement, but it can help your cookies stay softer for longer, resulting in a more moist texture.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

How do I know when my air fryer cookies are done?

When your air fryer cookies are done, you'll know! To be sure they're cooked through, check for a golden-brown color and a slightly crisp texture.

With the alluring aroma of sweet treats filling the air, your cookies will be too tempting to resist. Remember to check them often while they cook, and use a thermometer to make sure they reach an internal temperature of at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

With these simple steps, you can safely enjoy the deliciousness of air fryer cookies!


You can absolutely bake cookies in an air fryer. It's a great way to get the same crunchy, delicious results as an oven without having to turn on the oven and heat up the whole house. The key is to understand which types of cookies work best in the air fryer, as well as having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

All in all, it's a great way to get your sweet fix quickly, and it's certainly worth a try. Just remember, it's not always a piece of cake. You may have to experiment a bit to find the right combination of time and temperature for your favorite cookie. But once you do, you'll be in the driver's seat and ready to enjoy a delicious batch of air-fried cookies.

So don't be afraid to take the plunge and give it a shot – it might just be the sweetest thing you ever do.

Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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