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Updated On December 29, 2022

Editor's Choice
NETTA 3L Deep Fat Fryer with 30 Minutes Timer, Deep Fryer with A Visible Window, Temperature Control, Non-Slip Feet, Easy Clean, Powerful 2000 Watts, Stainless Steel and Black
  • 3L DEEP FAT FRYER: Enjoy your fried food the way it was intended with this NETTA 3L Deep Fat Fryer. The large capacity makes it ideal for cooking for the whole family meaning you can cook crisper chips, croquettes, onion rings, fried chicken, battered fish and a whole lot more!
  • TIMER AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Stay in control of your cooking with our handy temperature control feature and timer. Ranging from 90°C to 190°C, you will find the ideal temperature to cook foods to your desired crispiness. The integrated timer allows you to cook products for any time ranging from 0-30 minutes. The built-in viewing window allows you to keep an eye on your foods so that you can cook them to perfection.
  • COMPACT: This deep fat fryer is ideal for the home due to its compact size and portability. The heat-resistant handles ensure that moving the product around is safe and there is also a built-in hole for the plug and wire to go into meaning you won't have stray wires dangling around your kitchen or cupboards.
  • SAFETY MATTERS: This product comes with a built-in carry handle to make moving this item around safe and easy. The skid-resistant feet ensure that this product remains stable whilst in use and the detachable basket means it is safe and easy to lower and take out your food from the hot oil - this basket feature also makes cleaning easier than ever.
  • DIMENSIONS: 42 x 24 x 25cm | WEIGHT: 2.9KG | POWER: 2000W
Top Rated
Progress EK2969P Compact Mini Deep Fat Fryer, Removable Easy Clean Cooking Basket, Small 1L Deep Fryer, 950W, Non-Stick Chip Pan, Detachable Handle, Variable Temperature Up To 190°, 20.7 x 19.2 x 19cm
  • Perfect for making all your favourite fried treats at home, this Progress deep fryer has a handy filter that reduces lingering odours.
  • Preheating in just 15 minutes, the compact fryer is equipped with a 950 W heating element and variable temperature settings up to 190°.
  • Designed to withstand the demands of regular home use, the fryer has a durable white plastic housing and lid with a viewing window.
  • The conveniently easy-to-clean fryer features a non-stick cooking bowl and has a removable frying basket with a detachable handle.
  • Measuring just 20.7 x 19 x 19.2 cm, the space-saving unit is ideal for caravans, holiday homes and single person households.
Best Seller
Quest 35140 3 Litre Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer / 130-190°C Adjustable Temperature / Lid Cover / Easy Clean Removable Oil Container / 2000W / Ideal For Fried Chicken, Chips & More
  • 3L DEEP FAT FRYER – This Deep Fat Fryer from Quest deep fat fryer has a large 3 Litre oil capacity, allowing you to make mouth-watering fried dishes such as fried chicken, chips, potato wedges and more for 2-4 people! This makes it ideal for having friends around or for a family meal!
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – The easy to use, adjustable dial on the fryer allows you to choose from temperatures between 130° to 190°C in order to ensure that whatever food you use turns out perfectly cooked and crispy in that classic fried style.
  • REMOVABLE BASKET – The basket helps to ensure all of your food is kept inside and can be safely removed from the hot oil afterwards – and if you’re worried about any hot oil splashing, you can simply place the lid back on and contain the oil safely.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN – Once cooking is done, the removable oil container can be simply removed and any oil poured out, ready to clean as it is dishwasher safe. The oil will also last longer than usual too, thanks to the cool zone technology keeping it safe from contamination.
  • QUEST APPLIANCES - Quest are the leading manufacturer of cooking appliances ideal for giving you a helping hand in the kitchen. From omelette makers & waffle makers to teppanyaki grills & air fryers, visit the Quest store on Amazon to view the whole range.


Small Deep-Fat Fryers; Enjoy Gourmet-Pub Chips at Home!

Deep-Fried food is not a new revelation – people have been deep frying using oils since Egyptian times, although it is fair to assume their delights were a far cry from the churros we salivate over today. The world of culinary cuisine has exploded in unimaginable ways over the recent decade and new cooking technologies seem to be coming out every day – but for that gourmet-style chip that completes the perfect dish the occasion calls for a Deep-Fat Fryer.   

The Best Sizzling Hot Deep-Fat Fryers! 

So, out of the packet and into the deep-fat fryer. Here are our 5 Top Deep-Fat Fryers that are available on the market; We think each of these would be great at creating that irresistible deep-fried, tasty, goodness that you clearly hanker for if you’re reading this. They are available online, so there isn’t any reason you couldn’t be tucking into home-made Deep-Fried Shrimp sooner, rather than later! 

Netta Deep Fat Fryer  

 It’s has a slender, stainless-steel, casing and is slender (clearly built with the modern UK household in mind) meaning that if you did intend on having your Deep-Fat Fryer in the kitchen then this guy isn’t going to take up a lot of counter-space. It comes with a neat lid, tidy-hide plug and cord, and the metal finish is a huge bonus for maintenance because it cleans so easily, and unlike plastic it doesn’t stain over time with grease.  

But it isn’t great because it blends into the kitchen easily, rather than being an eyesore, but because it performs! It has a 3L capacity and because of the rectangle design is great for fried fish! It has handy temperature and timer control; so you could be watching the latest movie with your buddies, safe in the knowledge that you will be alerted when your food is done (and hey, it has a handy viewing window in the lid so you can check if you do want them a bit crispier!).  

Igenix IG8015 Mini Deep Fat Fryer 

The Igenix is available in two sizes and which is great because whether your needs are large or small, it’s perfect for frying quality dishes of chips, doughnuts and chicken in either the 1.5 L or the 3.5 L variant so they have made sure no one misses out; both sizes come in easy-clean stainless steel and have a compact, rectangular, housing so they are so easy to store. They have provided ample room for the plug and cord so you aren't having to leave those trailing around the counters which is unsightly! 

It’s another one of our favorites because of the lid (super important in any household with a child-present!) which features an easy grab handle, as well as carry handles on the side for added portability. The have utilized thermostat control for perfect frying and gone for a non-stick coating pan (even easier cleaning!) so it hasn't just been designed with the quality of cooking in-mind but also with low-maintenance!

KitchenCraft Chip Pan  

If you are a french-fry God or a chunky-crisp chip Guru then you should recognize this and find this very appealing. It as simple, but as reliable, as they come – just heat up the stove and warm the oil and you are on your way to fried potato heaven. This chip pan has had some tweaks to the traditional design you might remember, as KitchenCraft have used heat-resistant handles on the sides and including the grab-knob on the lid so it is very portable and secure while also using stainless-steel for the entire pan (including the lid). The lid is an ideal bit of kit to have as it prevents splatter, and spitting, when the chips are submerged – less clean up at the end! 

KitchenCraft have refined the traditional chip pan with another tweak and have designed theirs to work with all hob-varieties including induction. So, if your 4th floor apartment just doesn’t have room for a huge Deep-Fat Fryer taking up counter space then this should be the perfect fit – oh, it’s dishwasher safe too. What more can you ask for? 

Quest 35150 Deep Fat Fryer  

This handy, tactfully designed, device is perfect for the lone-wolf, loved-up couple or small family with a 1L capacity and a clean design with black and white finish. Quest have gone ahead and added a removable handle, which is a nice touch as far as Deep-Fat Fryer’s go.  

But it isn’t about how attractive it is (though, admittedly, very rarely wouldn’t someone opt  for an eyesore in their kitchen) and Quest has provided on the practicality front by providing users with non-slip feet for stillness, a variable dial-thermostat with clear indication for a range of products and two nifty bright lights to show the Deep-Fat Fryer is on.  

Lloytron E6010W1 Compact Deep-Fryer 

Small and mighty! You honestly can’t go wrong with this practical Deep-Fryer. At 1L It is perfect for an individual on a small budget. It is having a curved and compact design that would fit snuggly into a corner counter and store away even easier. 

Despite the Lloytron Deep-Fryers humble price tag It features some handy features - a viewing window so you can observe the frying process (for perfect results!), a variable dial thermostat and the frying handle features a convenient removable handle! This are all the sort of things that make using a Deep-Fat Frying a fulfilling cooking method and it has even been designed with guides for cooking certain ingredients! 

People want to bring the tastes of their favorite, fried, foods into their homes and have the closest imitation of much-loved dishes (like traditional steak & crispy, fried, chips) without the price tag. For lots of UK households the huge deep-fat fryers you see in restaurants are not a realistic purchase for their kitchens so we have tried to find the best Min / Compact fryers that you can have at home.  

For some avid fried food lovers this is already going to be in the kitchen but it can be considered a controversial appliance by some; they aren’t renowned as the healthiest cooking method but this isn’t a reason to shy away from the deep-fat fryer but to embrace its place in the medley of your meals and enjoying fried foods in moderation. There really isn’t anything quite like a proper, fried, chip from a good deep-fat fryer and it’s safe to assume Gordon Ramsey is using Deep-Fat Fryers in Hell’s Kitchen for good, sinfully tasty, reasons


Come fry with me, let’s fry, let’s fry away! 

The foods you intend to fry using your deep-fat fryer are going to go into what one is the best one for you. So, if you are intending to fry large pieces of fish and meat then you will need a bigger capacity basket and will need to consider the shape of your device. The size of your kitchen in terms of how much counter space you can commit, the size of your family as well as other features that you may need to consider are; 


This one might seem like a no-brainer but it is all well and good to make space on your kitchen counter for when you are creating some of your own finger-licking-good fried chicken, but are you going to be using it that often to warrant it having a permanent place in your kitchen? Are you going to be able to store it? Will that involve completely emptying and refilling the device each time you use it? 

Because of the convenience (and in truth, the smell, because frying food has a heavy scent) people have taken to storing their Deep-Fryers in their garages or out-houses. This way does have some perks, you aren’t required to risk the oil spilling from maneuvering the appliance and replacing the oil so frequently; which is time, effort and money that some people haven’t got and It also means you aren’t losing valuable kitchen counter space. But not everyone has these spaces and counter-wise it isn’t always convenient to carry exceedingly hot chips around the house.  

Temperature Controls! 

On/Off switches are an absolute MUST and a basic requirement is there must be a temperature control of at least Low, Medium and High; if is a double unit then make sure that you are able to control the temperature separately for each compartment. If the Fryer you are looking at doesn’t have these simple things then back away.  The ideal situation would be a unit that gives you precise temperatures; heating the oil excessively can result in poorly cooked food but you can get a range of features like viewing windows, indication lights, cooking guides and timers. These features are not going to ‘make or break’ but they do help significantly.  


Straight-forward but so easy to under-estimate when you are caught up in the frenzy of futuristic, stainless-steel, Deep-Fat Fryers. It’s is practical (and common-sense) that of you have a large family the capacity of the Deep-Fat Fryer is going to be hot on your mind. That logic isn’t a universal rule though – it doesn’t mean to say that a smaller family has to opt for a small-capacity Deep-Fryer because the silver if you are drawn to a double-compartment Deep-Fat Fryer then you can benefit from multi-tasking and cooking TWO foods (Oh yeah, French fries and fried chicken, hot and crispy).  

It wouldn’t be right to leave out that this feature is one to watch – Don't be tricked out; small capacity doesn’t exclusively mean that the fryer as an appliance is going to be small. Always check the actual size of your potential Deep-Fat Fryer because that’s how much counter space you are going to lose.  

This isn't ancient times, always clean the grime!

Egyptians, Romans, Chinese – fried food is the way of the world. But part of the evolution of Deep-Fat Frying is understanding that if you do not look after your device not only can it be super dangerous (in 2017 the UK Fire & Rescue Service dealt with 20 deaths as a result of kitchen fires per day; the majority, they advised, were Deep-Fat Fryers) but it can also compromise the quality of your dishes too. So here are some simple things to remember when it comes to looking after your Fryer: 

  • Drain (and strain) the oil frequently to avoid it sitting – this preserves the food quality and will save you in unnecessarily replacing oil that is still good for use. 
  • Clean Deep-Fryer after every use – Use something good for removing grease to prevent it settling into the gaps and creases. 
  • Check the oil regularly – replacing the oil regularly so it is fresh will help keep your device in good shape and your food tasting great. 
  • Keep the oil levels topped up – this is the main culprit when it comes to oil-breakdown.  
  • Do not overload the fryer basket over the manufacturers recommended capacity – it will lead to leakage and overflowing of the oil. 
  • Dry off your food using a paper towel before putting it into the fryer-basket and submerging it. Cool water can encourage hot oil to erupt and spit which is not only dangerous, but messy to clean up.  

Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure that they have made Deep-Fat Fryers a reliable and safe for use but as always in the kitchen, the moment your attention stops, the fire starts.  Looking after your deep-fat fryer and making sure it is always in clean, working condition, checking it before use is absolutely invaluable – not only for your health and safety but because you are cooking food in it! 


Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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