How To Cook Squash In Air Fryer

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Updated June 8, 2023
How To Cook Squash In Air Fryer

Cooking squash in an air fryer is a great way to make a delicious side dish. It's easy, fast, and you don't have to worry about using too much oil.

With just a few simple steps, you can make a tasty squash dish that will have everyone asking for more. From gathering your ingredients to seasoning and serving the squash, you'll be able to enjoy a healthy meal in no time.

So, let's get started!

Gather Your Ingredients

Ready to get started? Gather your ingredients and let's get cooking!

You'll need one squash, a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of salt, and a pinch of pepper. Don't forget to grab an air fryer, too!

The squash should be cut into even pieces, so make sure you have a sharp knife and cutting board to prepare it. Once you have all the ingredients, you're ready to start prepping the squash.

Preparing the Squash

First, get your hands on a nice squash and give it a good wash! It's important to make sure the squash is completely clean and free of any dirt.

After washing the squash, you can prepare it for air frying. Here's a bullet point list of items you'll need to prepare the squash:

  • Peel the squash if desired
  • Cut the squash into uniform pieces
  • Remove the seeds from the squash
  • Sprinkle with oil, salt, and pepper
  • Place the squash in the air fryer basket

Once you've prepared your squash, it's ready to be air fried. The air frying process will enhance the squash's crispiness and flavor. Moving on to the next section, you'll learn how to air fry the squash to perfection.

Air Frying the Squash

Now it's time to get the party started and give that squash a crispy makeover! Take out your trusty air fryer and place the squash inside.

Set the timer and temperature according to the instructions on your air fryer or depending on the size of the squash. You can also add some cooking spray to the squash to give it a nice golden-brown color and extra crispiness.

Once the timer is up, let the squash cool down a bit before taking it out of the air fryer. Be careful, as the air fryer can get really hot!

Now that you've given the squash a crispy makeover, it's time to really make it shine by adding some flavor.

Seasoning the Squash

With a sprinkle of salt and a dash of spice, it's time to give this freshly-fried treat a tantalizing twist! Start by adding your favorite seasonings to the squash slices. Whether it's pepper, garlic powder, or a combination of herbs and spices, your options are endless.

Just make sure to season each side of the squash for a balanced flavor. For a unique twist, you can also mix together a few tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of honey, and a pinch of chili powder for an extra kick. Then brush it onto the squash slices for an extra burst of flavor.

Whatever you decide, you'll be sure to create a delicious dish that's sure to be a hit! With all the flavor, it's time to move on to the next step: serving the squash.

Serving the Squash

Experience the delicious flavors of freshly-fried squash by serving it up hot and ready to eat! Let your family and friends savor the unique taste of this beloved vegetable.

The air fryer does a great job of cooking the squash to perfection, so it's sure to be a hit. With just a few simple steps, your dinner guests can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.

Serve up the squash as a main course or as a side dish. It's great with a variety of other ingredients to create a flavorful and satisfying meal. Try adding some roasted vegetables, a side of grains, or even a little bit of cheese.

For a special touch, top with a few herbs and a bit of butter or olive oil. No matter how you serve it, your guests will love the delicious taste of air-fried squash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of cooking squash in an air fryer?

Cooking squash in an air fryer brings with it a host of health benefits! By using an air fryer to cook your squash, you can avoid excess oil and unnecessary fat, reducing your overall caloric intake.

You can also preserve more of the vegetable's nutrients during the cooking process, since air fryers require less heat than traditional methods. Plus, the quick cook times mean less time standing over the stove, giving you more time to enjoy your meal.

With an air fryer, you can get all the health benefits of squash with minimal effort.

What other vegetables can I cook in an air fryer?

Cooking with an air fryer is a great way to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without sacrificing flavor. Not only can you cook squash in an air fryer, but you can also cook a variety of other vegetables. Some examples include potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and peppers.

Air frying is a great way to get the crunchy texture of deep-fried foods without the added fat and calories. Plus, air fryers are easy to use and clean, making them a great addition to any kitchen.

How long should I cook the squash for?

Cooking squash in an air fryer is like giving your kitchen a hug—it's a warm and comforting experience. However, timing is key to make sure your squash is cooked to perfection. Generally, you should cook squash in the air fryer for around 10 minutes, depending on the size of the squash.

Make sure to flip the squash halfway through the cooking time to ensure it's cooked evenly.

Are there any special tools needed to air fry squash?

No special tools are needed to air fry squash! All you need is an air fryer and a few simple ingredients. You can put your squash in the air fryer basket with a bit of oil or butter, and cook it for around 10 minutes at 400°F.

Keep an eye on it and adjust the time as needed. You'll be left with a delicious, crispy, and healthy side dish to enjoy.

Does air frying squash require any special skills?

No special skills are required to air fry squash! All you need to do is prepare your squash, season it to your taste, and place it in your air fryer.

It's a simple process that yields delicious, crunchy, and healthy results. Plus, you can enjoy all the same flavors without the extra calories and fat from deep-frying.

So why not give it a try and see for yourself? You'll be glad you did!


You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can make delicious squash in your air fryer! Your family and friends will be raving about this amazing side dish.

It's so simple to make and every single bite is bursting with flavor. You won't believe how unbelievably tender and flavorful the squash comes out. There's nothing quite like it - it's a truly mouthwatering experience.

Every bite is like a party in your mouth, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can make this delicious dish. So, what're you waiting for? Get cooking and enjoy all that deliciousness!

Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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