Can Cats Eat Fries? From MacDonald's Or Burger King?

Author:  Susan
Updated February 12, 2022
Can Cats Eat Fries From MacDonalds Or Burger King

Will French Fries Hurt My Cat If Eaten?

If your cat is sneaky and likes to have a jump at your French fries now and then you might be wondering if it's safe for your cat to eat one or two or whether or not it will hurt the. 

French fries are okay for cats to eat, having a few will not hurt them but they aren't good for their health due to their high sodium and fat content. You should also never try and feed your cat raw potatoes as they contain toxins.

We've composed a small guide down below which will take you through whether or not cats can eat French fries, why you shouldn't let your cat eat a lot of them and the dangers of sauces that go with them. 

Is It Safe For Cats To Eat French Fries? 

If your cat decides to eat cooked potato chips or French fries they will not be harmed since the content of potatoes is cooked to avoid toxicity. 

As long as your cat didn't eat an excessive amount of the carbohydrate-heavy food with tomato ketchup they should be fine, however, this should not be a habit repeated often as these potatoes have no nutritional benefits for cats and can contain a lot of fatty acids in comparison to cat food. 

Top Reasons Why a Cat Should Not Eat French Fries 

French fries are food for humans and a very rich food when it comes to sodium and fat, there are a huge number of reasons as to why you shouldn't let your cat eat them in comparison to quality cat food. 

We've listed a few of the most important reasons below as to why you shouldn't let your cat eat French fries.

They Have Too Much Salt 

French fries are very high in sodium, too much salt in a piece of food can cause poisoning in cats, for example, a general pack of takeaway French fries have 134.2 milligrams of salt in which is nearly triple a daily intake. 

Some symptoms of poisoning in cats are vomiting or reduced appetite.  

High In Carbs & Fat 

Deep-fried foods do not have healthy fats such as Omega 3, they are instead very high in saturated fat which can lead to weight gain and heart problems in cats just like humans. Cats also don't require carbs to function the way that humans do, they need much more protein and fewer carbs for optimal health. 

No Protein 

All dry cat foods are high in protein and low in carbs for our furry friends to flourish, salt snack foods such as these fries have very little protein and are not the correct diet for cats to live off. Onion rings and levels of onion mixed with French fries are poisonous to cats too. 

Can a Cat Eat Raw French Fries? 

If your cat eats raw French fries it could cause some serious health complications, this is because French fries in their raw potato state contain alkaloids and solanine. 

Green potatoes, in particular, should be avoided with cats as they are toxic, raw potatoes which are from the supermarket packages are normally not raw as they are slightly pre-cooked so shouldn't harm your cat if ingested.  

Can Cats Eat Sauces With French Fries? 

Fries and chips are bad for your cat's sodium intake, but what about the partnership with ketchup, if your cat managed to still some fries as well as your dip, you might be wondering if it's okay for your cat to eat. 

Your cat will likely be okay if it's only eaten a small amount of ketchup but in general, you should avoid your cat eating any, this is because ketchup is also high in sodium and sugar, it is acidic too and can contain onion powder which is toxic for these animals. 

What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

Since we know pretty much all deep-fried foods are a bad idea for our cats, you might be wondering if there are any other types of human foods a cat can eat without having any negative side effects. 

We've listed some which are safe and healthy to share with your furry friend down below. 

  • Eggs - Scrambled and cooked eggs are a nice source of protein for cats, they should never be fed raw due to the risk of salmonella.
  • Meat - Cooked meat such as fish, chicken and pork can be fed to cats without any problems if you prefer to give them fresh food.
  • Fruit - Cutting some small fruits such as apples and strawberries can be great for cats and contain lots of vitamins.
  • Tinned tuna - Tinned tuna is a great high protein source for cats, the sunflower oil can also soothe a cats tongue and has great healthy fats.
  • Dog food - Although it shouldn't be fed regularly, you can feed your cat dog food in an emergency since it is high in protein.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cats Eating Fries 

Can cats eat sweet potatoes? 

Sweet potatoes are not good for cats to eat, in a large amount they can cause digestive issues and harm your cat.

Are deep-fried foods a bad idea for cats? 

Yes, all deep-fried food such as fries, onion rings and chicken are bad for cats as they are high in fat and calories and onions are poisonous. 

Will French fries harm my cat?

In a small amount, French fries will not harm your cat, but in excess, it is possible your cat could have too much sodium which would be dangerous.

Do cats need an all-meat diet? 

Cats can be fed veggies but are primarily carnivores do need meat to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Last Words 

Overall, cats can eat fries occasionally and shouldn't have any serious issues, but it should not become a habit due to them being high in fat and sodium. You should also make sure your cat never eats raw potatoes or ketchup as both are dangerous to ingest.


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