Can You Freeze Egg Fried Rice?

Author:  Susan
Updated February 12, 2022
Can You Freeze Egg Fried Rice

Our Best Guide To Freezing Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is a great dish to make in bulk if you are looking for a quick and easy leftover meal to have on the go, but you must know how to freeze your egg fried rice for later use if you still want a tasty meal. 

There is no reason as to why you cannot freeze egg fried rice for later use, you just have to make sure you follow some safety rules when freezing them and use the right kind of freezer bag/container.

To help you out with freezing your egg fried rice we've made a small guide below which will take you through how to freeze your egg fried rice, some important tips for freezing and how long you can freeze it, we will also take you through how to make and defrost it. 

Why Is Freezer Rice Good? 

A lot of people are spectacle about freezing rice sometimes as it can lose its texture or grow bacteria, but frozen rice is great to have as a backup for a quick and easy meal, especially if you do a lot of meal prepping or don't often have time to cook. 

Freezer rice, in particular, makes great leftover rice for putting in an egg fried rice recipe as the cooked rice has had time to sit and is crispy, when you use hot rice from the pan in egg fried rice you need to let it cool down completely, and even then it can become mushy when mixed with your veg and egg.

How To Freeze Egg Fried Rice 

Freezing egg fried rice dishes is pretty easy, we've listed some step by steps to make this freezer meal down below. 

  1. Let the egg fried rice cool down entirely before storing. 
  2. Portion out your rice dish into either freezer-safe containers or bags. 
  3. Label and date your containers/bags.  

Tips for Freezing Your Egg Fried Rice 

There are a few tips you should be following if you want the best texture to dishes and safety when freezing your egg fried rice. 

We've listed a few of the important ones below. 

  • Divide it into portions - For a quick freezer meal you want to ensure your rice is portioned out for ease of use, there is nothing worse than having to defrost a huge container of your rice for one person only, refreezing it would also give a slight texture change.
  • Allow it to cool first - Make sure your egg fried rice cools down first before storing, you should aim to freeze it within an hour of cooking to stop bacteria from growing on the rice. 
  • Freeze the sauce mixture separate - If you have a sauce mix for your egg fried rice then make sure to store this in its freezer container or individual freezer bags, this will prevent the sauce from ruining the fluffy texture of the rice if mixed in.

How Long Can I Freeze Egg Fried Rice For? 

Egg fried rice mixture will be fine to use in your freezer for around a month before you start to see any signs of it going bad, we suggest writing the date on your freezer meal to avoid any confusion. 

For the fridge, egg fried rice would be fine to eat up to 5-7 days, but avoid eating if it smells any different or you see a lot of water content from the rice as this likely means it has been spoiled. 

How To Make Egg Fried Rice 

For storing your egg fried rice well, you have to know how to make it well too!

We've got you covered with our best frying pan egg fried recipe down below. 


  • 150g of long grain rice.
  • Two spoons of oil.
  • Two eggs beaten.
  • A handful of frozen peas.
  • One onion and red pepper chopped.
  • Two crushed garlic cloves.
  • Small inch piece of ginger.
  • Two spring onions.
  • A spoon of soy sauce.
  • Seasoning.


  1. First of all, cook your rice according to instructions then drain and set aside, spread it out on a baking sheet for easier cooling.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan and scramble your eggs then set them aside, fry your onion, pepper and garlic/ginger, season well. 
  3. Lower your heat and add the rice, spring onions, peas and egg, also add the soy sauce at this stage then serve once heated through! 

How to Defrost Egg Fried Rice 

To defrost your rice properly we would suggest thawing it in the fridge or giving it a cold water bath until it is defrosted all the way through. For the best results rather than reheating it in the microwave we would suggest heating it again in the frying pan as this will keep it crispy rather than soggy due to the water content collected by the freezer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Freezing Egg Fried Rice 

Is it okay to freezer chicken fried rice?

Yes, chicken fried rice can be frozen in the same way as above, just make sure it's cooled down before sealing up and popping away.

Why should all the air be out of my freezer bag before freezing my rice? 

Extra air inside freezer bags and containers can lead to excess moisture which can also lead to bacteria growth.

What is the freezer life of egg fried rice? 

Your egg fried rice will last about a month in the freezer.

Last Words 

Overall, egg fried rice can be frozen easily in either a freezer-safe plastic bag or an airtight container, just make sure it's cooled down beforehand well and that you divide it into portions for ease of usage when you need a quick meal!

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