Deep Fat Fryer vs. Air Fryer

Author:  Susan
Updated February 12, 2022
Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer

At the face of it, deep fryers may not look very different from an air fryer. They can be used to prepare anything from veggies to meat, giving them a delicious taste and a crispy exterior. Despite their taste enhancing abilities, both these machines have a different mechanism when it comes to food preparation. Deep fryer uses large amount of oil for deep frying, making the health-conscious foodies either give up on their favorite foods or cut down its consumption substantially. However, an air fryer can do pretty much the same, without the use of excessive oil.

Many people feel torn between the two options and often struggle with their final choice. If you are finding it hard to choose between the two, you can use the following factors to to make an informed choice.

Health Quotient

Deep Fryer vs. Air FryerYou don't have to be a dietitian to understand that deep fryer is perhaps not your best bet when it comes to healthy cooking. Deep fryers use excessive amount of oil to fry the foods. The food pieces are dunked into the oil until they are fully cooked. Whereas, the air fryer uses only a small fraction of oil used to coat the food before placing it in the machine. The fryer just blows hot air over the food until it is cooked.

With the advancement in air fryer technology, the health conscious people can now buy the ones that require even lesser amount of oil. Some of these machines can use up to 70% less oil than the conventional fryers, naturally making them a much healthier option.


If you are the one who needs a fryer rich in features, then you should know that both the fryers, be it deep or air, usually have similar ones. From adjustable heat controls to digital screens, you will find all kinds of models with different kinds of features based on their functionality and price. There are also some fryers that are further equipped with cooking pre-sets to help you prepare your food without an incident. People looking for ease of use should consider buying an air fryer that comes with a simple touch operation and has a convenient switch to turn it on or off.

Once you determine which of the two you need, you can compare the models based on their features and choose the one that meets your requirements completely.


This can also be an incredibly important factor for many when choosing between an air fryer or a deep fryer. One of the biggest difference between the two appliances is in their size. Usually, air fryers are much smaller in size as compared to deep fryers. Since they don't need their contents to be fully immersed in oil for cooking, they have a smaller capacity. This is the reason they work best for home cooks who have a dearth of space. If you need a fryer that fits on your counter-top without demanding too much space, then air fryer is your best bet. However, it is important to nDeep Fryer vs Air Fryerote that even though the air fryers have a smaller size, it doesn’t mean that they don't have adequate capacity. You can also buy the ones that have smaller capacity if you are going to be using it mainly for snacking purposes.

Deep fryers, on the other hand, are mainly used for side dishes that one cooks occasionally. While the deep fryers come in varied ranges, between 2 and 12 cups, one can easily find a 6 cup capacity that is enough for two people’s cooking. You can also find fryers that come with large baskets or a mix of small and large ones, in case you need to cook less. Since deep fryers are large in size, they are most commonly used for restaurants or bigger establishments. However, it is gradually gaining prominence amongst homeowners too.


What good is a home appliance that isn’t easy on maintenance? Lucky for you, both air and deep fryers are not only low maintenance, but also durable. All you need to do is clean the units periodically and check for visible signs of wear and tear. The first signs don't usually appear after years of use, making them an economical investment for the long-run.


The biggest factor in choosing any home appliance, let alone deep fryers or air fryers, is the price. We all want the best value for our money. We are willing to pay a little extra if it gives us reliability and quality. Between air fryers and deep fryers, the former is on the higher end of the price range because of the innovative technology used to prepare food. At the same time, deep fryers are bulkier and cheaper due to traditional method of cooking.

Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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