Can You Fry Marrow? Find Out Here!

Author:  Susan
Updated February 12, 2022
Fry Marrow

Our Ultimate Guide To Frying Marrow

Many people wonder how to cook marrow and what to eat with it, thanks to their strong taste, these large courgettes go great with savoury dishes such as cheese or bacon. 

To prepare marrow you can indeed fry it, but when doing so, you might want to remove the stringy flesh and seeds in the middle as this can affect the texture, the outside of the marrow can be eaten as it is without peeling.

In our guide below we will cover how to fry marrow in the most delicious way for an excellent side dish to your dinner or a healthy lunch.

Where Does Marrow Come From? 

Marrow is a green vegetable squash typically found during the seasons of August and September, these veggies have white soft flesh and do get watery during cooking, when small they are also known as a courgette, other alternatives to marrow are a squash itself. 

These vegetables also have a lot of health benefits such as being a source of fibre and having vitamin C, you can find a huge range of marrow recipes with this popular summer squash such as vegetarian marrow recipes like fennel & tomato slow-cooked marrow.

How To Fry Marrow

Frying this green squash simple marrow is an easy task and makes a great side dish with some spices which we will mention below. 


  • 250g of fresh marrow cut into bite-sized squares. 
  • Coriander. 
  • One onion. 
  • Garlic and turmeric powder. 
  • Salt. 
  • Oil for cooking.


  • Step one - Heat your oil in your frying pan and wait until hot, add in your onions then fry until they become translucent. 
  • Step two - Add your marrow pieces into the pan then fry on medium heat for around 4 minutes stirring frequently. 
  • Step three - Now put your salt and spices in with the marrow and cook on low heat for around 8 minutes until the flavourful marrow is cooked through. 
  • Step four - Allow the moisture from the marrow to cook off then sprinkle with your coriander and serve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frying Marrow

How long should I fry marrow for? 

Marrow will take around 12 minutes to fry off in a pan as you need to allow the inner flesh to soften and the water content to disappear, it also depends on the size of your marrow chunks, as bigger pieces will take longer to cook through in the pan.

What are some vegetarian marrow recipes to try? 

You could try making maple-roasted marrow, stuffed marrow bake (similar to courgette boats) or even a marrow cake!

Can you roast marrow too?

Yes, as well as frying marrow you can roast it, steam, boil or bake.

Final Words

Overall, marrow is versatile summer squashes that can be pan-fried and cooked in a variety of ways, whether you want to make pan-fried baby marrow or grated marrow in a stew, these veggies are packed full of vitamins and make a great meal or side dish.

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