Can You Stir Fry on Your Induction Hob? Do It Like a Pro!

Author:  Susan
Updated August 2, 2023
Stir Fry On An Induction Hob

Stir Frying on Induction: Everything You Need to Know

Induction hobs are becoming a new popular way to cook, these are much faster to cook with than gas and electric hobs and due to induction technology, they are safer too. 

However, having an induction hob means you need induction pans, these pans have flat bases and magnetics in them to create heat from the magnetic field. 

You can stir fry on an induction hob but you will need a special work pan with a flat base and magnetic base.

We've composed a guide below that will tell you why you can't use a traditional work to stir fry on your induction hob, three ways of how to use a wok to stir fry on your induction hob and how to use one safely.

Why You Need a Special Pan To Stir Fry On An Induction Hob

Induction hobs operate with a magnetic field to create amounts of heat as we mentioned above, this means induction cooktops need a pan that not only has magnetics but also enough bottom contact with the hob to create heat. 

Woks do not work on an induction hob due to their shape which will create minimal contact with induction cooktops, these hobs additionally are hard to keep stable and can even damage the induction cookers glass. 

As well as the shape of the wok you need to watch out for the material your pan is made from too unless it has a magnetic base, only some materials will create heat with induction cooktops such as - 

  • Carbon steel.
  • Cast iron.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Copper.
  • Aluminium with magnetic base.

How Do Induction Cooktops Work?

Induction cooking surface types have ceramic plates on the induction cooktops which have electromagnetic coils underneath them, when the induction cooking surface is switched on it then makes a magnetic field that heats the iron molecules (and your food) on the appropriate cookware. 

Three Ways To Stir Fry With Your Induction Hob

Just because you can't use a traditional wok on your normal induction hob doesn't mean that you can't stir fry, there are three alternative ways that you can use a wok with your induction burner to stir fry which we will list below. 

Use a Flat Bottomed Wok

Flat bottomed woks for induction hobs are made with stainless steel or cast iron so as they can have heat transfer from the induction hub beneath. These types of woks are also great to use as they have more stability with no handles needed. 

Try a Wok Cradle Or Wok Basin

A wok cradle will lower your work to make direct contact with your induction hob, however, it could potentially ruin the glass active induction cooktop so is the least popular option, these basins or cradles are a much better option when used on gas for stir-frying but you can buy induction hobs which have them built-in.

Get a Wok Adapter 

These adapters can help your wok to work on your induction stovetop as they have a ferromagnetic bottom that heats up and then in turn will heat your wok when placed on top.

This flat bottom adaptor will not work on rounded bottom woks but is a great option if you have wok made of non-magnetic material which you want to use for cooking.

What Type Of Wok Material Is The Best For Stir-Frying?

As we mentioned above, you will need to make sure your wok is made of certain material for it to be used with an induction hub. 

We will list the type of materials you can use with your wok below as well their pros and cons to see which pan is right for your stir-frying. 

Cast Iron 

Cast iron woks are very affordable and are great heavy duty woks to use with your induction hob as they conduct well and are also heavyweight which provides stability when stir-frying on your hob. 

They do however take a while to heat up on an induction hob. 


  • Heavyweight with stability. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Durable.


  • Takes a while to absorb heat energy.

Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel woks are mid-range priced and very lightweight, this makes them easier to lift and more comfortable to use on the burner induction hob without as much risk of the glass cracking. 

The works from this material also heat much faster so will speed up your cooking time.

These pans might need a little more maintenance to keep them in good condition. 


  • Mid-range price. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Heats fast.


  • Needs more maintaining. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel woks also heat up very quickly and are great for stir-frying foods on an induction hob, however, they do develop hot spots on the bottom of their pan which can end up burning food sneakily. 

They tend to be a little expensive too. 


  • Quick heating time. 
  • Easy to hold. 
  • Lightweight. 


  • Burns food easily. 
  • Expensive. 

Tips For Stir Frying On An Induction Hob

If it's your first time stir-frying on your induction hob, you will be happy to know the rules don't change much from stir-frying with a normal gas hob.

Just make sure you are using the correct type of wok and follow our tips below for the best result.

  • Use a medium heat - If you are using an induction hob for the first time then you need to get used to not seeing the heat, so to start with, set your induction hob to medium heat so as it can not burn your food, make sure your pan has a non-stick coating too.
  • Let the pan get hot - With an induction wok burner make sure you allow the pan to heat up first then add the oil and allow it to heat too, the time this takes will differ according to the material of your pan, a good indication that the works on induction are ready is when the pan starts to smoke.
  • Have everything chopped - For a proper stir fry, you need to be quick, so once you have your wok on induction cooktop you have to make sure everything is ready to go in otherwise the pan will start to burn the oil by the time you cut everything.
  • Cook meat first - If your bit of stir fry has meat then make sure to cook this first till %80 done then remove from the pan and add in your veggies afterwards. 
  • Fry hard veggies first - Pay attention to your vegetables and start with the harder ones first such as carrots and broccoli then move on to frying your harder veggies.
  • Keep it moving - Stir the pan often to avoid veggies from burning, everything should be chopped in small bite-sized pieces for it to cook properly so you have to make sure that it doesn't stick and burn, even if you have a wok with a non-stick coating.
  • Be careful with pan - Woks for induction hobs are safe to use but you should still be careful when using them on a glass top, do not move them around too much or place them with a heavy hand down on the glass top as it can break it. 

Final Words

Overall, you can stir fry on an induction hob as long as you have the correct kind of pan for the type of cooker and it has a flat bottom, if you want to use your normal wok on your induction hob then you should ensure you use a wok adapter for the hob that has magnetic properties. 

Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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