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Domo DO465FR Stainless Steel Deep Fryer, 3000 W, 4 liters
  • Achieve perfectly crispy-fried results every time
  • 3000w and 4 litre capacity
  • Removable enamel tank
  • Adjustable and removable thermostat with a power and temperature indicator
  • Lid with viewing window and a removable odour filter. Note Not suitable for commercial use


The current product is unavailable on eBay.

Klarstein Quickpro XXL Professional Deep Fat Fryer with 5L Tank for up to 1.5kg – Cold Zone, 3000W – Stainless Steel Silver
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: With the QuickPro XXL 3000, Klarstein presents a household deep fryer which meets all requirements of cooking in hot oil. With a substantial 3000 watts of power, the fryer converts chopped sticks of potato into crispy chips.
  • LARGE QUANTITIES: The 5-litre frying tub is particularly suitable for deep frying large quantities of food. Up to 1.5 kg of food to be cooked can be prepared in one just pass, which makes the device particularly convenient for large families.
  • VARIABLE: The concept of versatility is supported by the different frying baskets of the Klarstein QuickPro XXL 3000. One large and two small baskets are available, perfect for preparing either large quantities or two different meals at once.
  • DOUBLE REGULATED: Two simple rotary controls are used to operate the Klarstein deep fryer. The first enables you to select the temperature up to a maximum of 190 ° C, while the second control allows the setting of a timer of up to 30 minutes.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.


The current product is unavailable on eBay.

Deep Fat Fryer Commercial Electric Fryer Stainless Steel Chip Fryer Double Fat Tank 20L 2500W x 2 with Lids
  • ❤【Dimensions】 55 * 41.6 * 31 cm; Tank Capacity: 10L x 2; Max Oil Capacity: 6L x 2 ; Wattage: 2500W x 2 ; Power supply: 220V - 240V/60Hz; Temperature Range: 60~200 °C. Weight: 7.5kg
  • ❤【High Quality】 CE certificate; SAA certified plug, UK 3pin plug x 2 (separate plugs); Safe and durable stainless steel materials for machine body, frying baskets, lids, heating rods and baffles.
  • ❤【Feature】Adjustable thermostat with indicator lights ("Power" and "Hot"); Come with "overheat protection button", when you next use, just press the reset button; 2 removable oil containers; 2 stainless steel fryer baskets with plastic handles; 2 stainless steel lids; 1 stainless steel 9-inch cooking tong.
  • ❤【Wide Application】 Suitable for making frying cuisine; Perfect for both business and personal purposes, such as at restaurants, supermarkets, fast food stands, snack bars or home use for cooking buffalo wings, chicken, egg rolls, shrimp rolls or any other fried food.
  • ❤ 【Convenient 】The commercial fryer is equipped with various safety functions. It is easy to take apart for hygienic purpose; Easy to operate, high performance and excellent efficiency.


4 Litre Plus Deep Fat Fryers

Whilst domestic deep fat fryers are often compact, with only enough space for two or three portions of food to be cooked at once, you can also find offerings with a far greater capacity able to fry a much larger quantity. To help you with your search we've compiled a list of the best deep fat fryers with a capacity greater than 4L, for those who like cooking for friends and family or for smaller food operations like street trucks or stalls. These fryers, whilst littler than large restaurant-size commercial options, still possess the power to cook bigger quantities of food than the average domestic fryer.

Who needs a larger domestic fryer?

Some people love cooking for others. This doesn't have to be in a professional capacity - it could simply be that you have a large family or social circle. Combine this with a love of fried food and suddenly a large-capacity deep fat fryer seems like the perfect appliance! You don't want a hulking 20L commercial fryer taking up space, so the balance can be found in the 4L+ fryers listed here.

What should I look for in a 4L+ fryer?

  • How easy is it to clean? Oil is tricky to clean in the best of circumstances, but it's even harder when you have your hand crammed in between multiple components as you desperately try to remove a burnt piece of food from an inaccessible corner. With that in mind, it's always important to check how easy your fryer is to wash. Many come with detachable components (with some dismantling completely) to ease the cleaning process along, so look out for such features.
  • Is the oil filtered? One of the perks of deep fat fryers is that they're easy and cheap - the reason they're so frequently used in fast food restaurants, which serve amongst the quickest and cheapest meals you can find. Oil isn't particularly cheap, however, which means fryers that come with filtration systems which clean the used oil are more cost efficient than those without. Many fryers come equipped with such systems, and they're time-and-money saving in the long run.
  • How much food can it fit? Why purchase a larger fryer if you don't intend to cook more food at once? Whilst all of the fryers below can hold over 4L of oil, there is a difference between oil capacity and food capacity. It's best to check the size of the cooking basket that each fryer comes equipped with - if it's not large enough, you may not be able to cook anywhere near as much at once as you hope to.
  • Is it versatile? If you're choosing a deep fat fryer with a large capacity, we'll assume that's because you want to cook large quantities of food. But what about cooking more than one type of food at once? Whilst it's rather hard to fit more than one food basket inside, say, a compact 1L fryer, something with a capacity of over 4L can often easily have room for two. This makes cooking two different foods at once far more efficient and easy to co-ordinate.

These are all vital factors to consider when it comes to picking the best 4L+ deep fat fryer for your needs. Make sure you're aware of exactly how much space you have to host your fryer, and what specifications are ideal for you. Hopefully, we'll make the purchasing process easier for you with our useful ranking of the best 4L+ deep fat fryers, listed below.

The Best Buy

Domo DO465FR

Our top pick for 4L+ fryers this efficient and elegant machine from Domo. With a spacious basket, 4L capacity, adjustable temperature gauge and a removable tank for cleaning, it's the only fryer you'd ever need for home usage.

  • 4L capacity with a large food basket - enough for six portions to fit in comfortably.
  • Removable enamel tank for easier cleaning.
  • Sturdy design, with a lid and viewing window.
  • 3000W.
  • Removable odor filter to eliminate undesirable cooking smells.


  • Temperature rises very quickly due to an efficient heating element.
  • This temperature is very easy to regulate due to the Domo's accurate temperature gauge.
  • Elegant stainless steel design.
  • Very easy to clean the tank compared to some fryers.
  • Rather affordable for a domestic fryer of its size.


  • No on/off switch, so must be turned off at the socket.

For household purposes, we've decided that - based on price, size and efficiency - you can't find a better fryer with a 4L capacity or more. This is a sturdy all-round performer that impressed in every category, which lands it our top rating. If the Domo DO465FR isn't quite for you, however, take a look at our alternative suggestions below!

The Premium Option


For those who are willing to spend rather a lot more on a deep fat fryer, you may want to take look at this heavy-hitter. With more versatility and oil capacity than the Domo, it's sure to impress friends and family when you power it up at dinnertime. Take a look at it's features below.

  • 2x 4L oil tanks with lids and independently-adjustable temperatures.
  • 1800W heating element for speedy cooking.
  • Odor filter for blocking out cooking smells.
  • Breakaway cable and cool-touch handles to ensure a safe experience.


  • Due to having two separate tanks, not only is the capacity a massive 8L overall but you can also fry two separate foods at once, both of which can be served piping-hot straight from the fryer.
  • Boasts four separate preset functions to ensure that your food will be perfectly-cooked.
  • Minimal oil absorption, meaning that food is healthier and crispier.
  • Very safe.


  • No windows on the tank lids, meaning checking your food's progress is slightly harder. The cool-touch handles make it fairly safe, however.
  • It's size might put people off - it's only suitable for kitchens with a large amount of free space.
  • By far the priciest option on this list.

Perhaps you don't think you need a domestic fryer of this size and price (which is perfectly understandable). However, if you have the money and the space, the BARIHO is a phenomenal offering with easily-adjustable controls, a huge oil capacity and the ability to cook two foods at once.

The Runner-Up

Klarstein Quickpro XXL

As another large domestic fryer, the Klarstein Quickpro is a punchy option that will be unlikely to disappoint. With a slightly larger capacity than the Domo and a very reasonable price tag, this is a very competitive contender that easily finds it's spot among the top three 4L+ deep fat fryers out there. Read all about it below.

  • Large 5L capacity, with multiple baskets (one large and two small) so you can cook two foods at once if desired.
  • 3000W heating element.
  • Fully-disassembling, so cleaning is simple.
  • Temperature-control and timer to ensure perfect cooking.


  • Unlike the Domo, the multiple baskets of the Klarstein mean that two foods can be cooked simultaneously.
  • Larger capacity, without taking up a huge amount of space like the BARIHO. Can easily fit enough food for seven people.
  • Elegant design.
  • Very affordable for a domestic fryer.


  • Poorly-translated instructions may make setup and operation tricky for English-speaking consumers.
  • Some people report that it takes up to twenty minutes for the oil to heat up, though this may be an issue with faulty models.
  • Temperature reportedly doesn't go quite high enough for more intense functions like browning chips, for example.
  • Heavy, especially with oil inside.
  • Handles on the lid become very hot during cooking.

Whilst this is undeniably a very effective and versatile fryer for a domestic kitchen, it loses points for certain safety issues and problems with efficiency, alongside the hard-to-interpret instruction manual. The low price tag, however, makes these issues much more palatable and allows the Klarstein to shine in it's own right regardless.

Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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