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Top Rated
Tefal Oleoclean Pro FR804040 Semi-Professional Deep Fryer, Grey, Blue, 1.2kg, 6 portions
  • Patented thermostatic oil filtration system that filters oil only when it has cooled down to a safe temperature for easy handling
  • Fully dismantles for easy cleaning
  • Permanent odor filter helps control odors for more comfort when cooking
  • Cooking lid with window which helps you to keep a close eye on what you are frying ensuring nothing is burning
  • Advanced oil temperature heating system which provides the ideal frying temperature to help seal the food's exterior for minimal oil absorption and healthier fried foods.
  • The clean oil is stored in a specific hermetic box so you can easily remove it
Editor's Choice
Venga! Semi-Professional Deep Fryer 3 L, Oil Filter & Container, 2000 W, Black/Silver, VG FT 3012 BS
  • SEMI-PROFESSIONAL DEEP FRYER that can contain up to 3 L of oil and fry up to 600 g of chips; Heats up to 190°C; Equipped with a viewing window and odour filter
  • OIL FILTRATION SYSTEM: after frying, the used oil can be filtered from its impurities with an easy-to-use rotary knob and can be reused up to 8 times; Get better frying results for less money
  • OIL STORAGE CONTAINER catches filtered oil for easy storage until the next use; The fail-safe locking mechanism lets you affix the container without any risk of waste
  • EASY TO CLEAN: many removable parts for easy cleaning; For your convenience, the frying basket, the non-stick coated oil pan and the oil container are dishwasher safe
  • CONTAINS: 1 deep fryer, 1 instruction manual in 7 languages (EN, DE, FR, SP, IT, NL, PL), VG FT 3012 BS
Best Seller
Klarstein Quickpro XXL Professional Deep Fat Fryer with 5L Tank for up to 1.5kg – Cold Zone, 3000W – Stainless Steel Silver
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: With the QuickPro XXL 3000, Klarstein presents a household deep fryer which meets all requirements of cooking in hot oil. With a substantial 3000 watts of power, the fryer converts chopped sticks of potato into crispy chips.
  • LARGE QUANTITIES: The 5-litre frying tub is particularly suitable for deep frying large quantities of food. Up to 1.5 kg of food to be cooked can be prepared in one just pass, which makes the device particularly convenient for large families.
  • VARIABLE: The concept of versatility is supported by the different frying baskets of the Klarstein QuickPro XXL 3000. One large and two small baskets are available, perfect for preparing either large quantities or two different meals at once.
  • DOUBLE REGULATED: Two simple rotary controls are used to operate the Klarstein deep fryer. The first enables you to select the temperature up to a maximum of 190 ° C, while the second control allows the setting of a timer of up to 30 minutes.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.


The current product is unavailable on eBay.

The Top Fryers For Fast Food At Home

Deep Fat Fryers are a must have for any domestic kitchen. The purchase of one will rid you of the wasteful act of buying and throwing away a ridiculous amount of oil just to enjoy some chips.

If you want to fry your own fish at home or even some chicken or wings; then a deep fat fryer is definitely your best bet.

How do Deep Fat Fryers compare to other fryers?

Since the invention of the Deep Fat Fryer, technology has advanced incredibly allowing other forms of fryers to be created. These range from Air Fryers to Halogen Fryers. However, for those of you who like the more traditional form of cooking, it is hard to compare these new forms of fryers to Deep Fat Fryers. However, for those of you who would like a clear comparison of the Deep Fat Fryer to other fryers, here is an article for you.

Are Deep Fat Fryers healthy?

While there is much speculation as to whether or not Deep Fat Fryers are healthy. While the immediate answer may be no, it really does depend on what you fry and what oil you use. Yes, submerging chicken in vegetable oil may not be the healthiest meal but fryer of this sort are good for other types of recipes too, including healthy ones. Even weight loss programmes such as WeightWatches have a variety of recipes in which to use your fryer.

What to look for in a Deep Fat Fryer?

When looking to buy a Deep Fat Fryer, there are some key points that you should refer to in order to assure you are buying the best one for you. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind while you are shopping:

  • Make sure it is easy to clean  

After a nice big meal, the last thing you want to do is struggle to clean a difficult appliance. Some Deep Fat Fryers will have separate containers for their oil for easy cleaning while others will need to be dismantled entirely. Either way, they should be an easy product to clean and maintain. Here is a website that instructs you on how to thoroughly  clean your fryer without damaging it.

  • How strong of an odor does it release?

 The smell of frying food can stick to you and your clothes like glue. However, some Deep Fat Fryers will have an odor filter as to allow you to control the smell that is released.

  • How much oil can you use on it?

 While oil can be reused, you will still have to buy oil occasionally for your fryer. It is important to note the size of your fryer is and therefore how much oil your fryer will need, otherwise it could work out to be very expensive. You should also consider how much food you will be frying at a time. The larger the quantity of oil needed usually means the more food you can fry at one time. For a small meal a 5 litre Deep Fat Fryer may not be needed.

  • How much does it cost?

 Deep Fat Fryers are based on a traditional way of cooking and therefore tend to be a lot less than other types of fryers, for example air fryers. Here is an article that compares the two type of fryers. If you are new to the fryer market then this is an article with a section indicating how much you should be spending on this appliance.

  • How safe is the product?

Considering the environment in which most Deep Fat Fryers will be used, e.g a family home or commercial kitchen, safety is very important. A fryer operates by heating up oil to a dangerous heat. It is important to note what precautions are built into the fryer to save any dangerous outcomes. For extra measure, this website runs through fire safety advice specifically in accordance to Deep Fat Fryers.

The best Deep Fat Fryers on the market

Venga! VG FT 3012 BS Deep Fryer Review 

There are an overwhelming amount of Deep Fat Fryers that have made its way onto the market as fried food becomes more and more popular. Every electrical appliance company seems to have come up with their own version of this electrical, traditional fryer. However, despite the countless number of products, this is the best option for us and here is why:

  • A 3 litre capacity make it the perfect size for an average family dinner.
  • The use of cold zone technology means a near perfect finish every time.
  • A fast heat up time allows for a quicker cooking time.


  • Easy changing of oil means that there is less mess and more time to focus on other tasks.
  • Big feet on the base of the fryer makes appliance sturdier and safer, a bonus for when there are children around.
  • A easy to use and well function oil system means that a change of oil is needed less frequently and therefore saving you money.


  • Although the oil capacity is fairly big, the basket is a little small meaning food is more likely to be cooked in batches.
  • There is no on/off switch, instead to turn on the fryer you must turn the temperature know so be cautious of this.

For a busy family dynamic, this Deep Fat Fryer is the ideal choice. The little heat-up time and minimal cleaning time means that you have more time to focus on other family activities rather than spending hours in the kitchen.

Tefal Oleoclean Pro Fryer

For those who are looking for a slightly larger fryer with the ability to cook a larger capacity of food, this fryer may be the one for you and heres why:

  • A 3.5 litre oil hold accompanied by a 1.2kg food capacity makes it easier to feed a larger group of people.
  • Minimal oil absorption makes for a healthier result.
  • Patented thermostatic oil filter system means that the oil is only filtered once it has cooled allowing for a safe handling.


  • Dishwasher safe fryer and containers means it is very easy to clean.
  • Long lasting oil makes is convenient for frequent use.
  • One of a kind filtering system means less burnt oil or food crumbs end up on your food.


  • Due to the filtering system, the product is on the bulkier side meaning you need more space to store it.
  • The draining system can leak if too much oil is used which can be a safety hazard so be careful and pay attention to the amount of oil you use.
  • More expensive than other fryers due to the filter system.

While this item maybe bulkier and take up more room than other fryers due to the filter system, the filter system is advanced and saves your food tasting like burnt oil, which may be worth the extra payout.

Klarstein Quickpro XXL Professional Deep Fat Fryer

This fryer is a must have for a busy kitchen and large families/ gatherings. It is also a great buy for commercial use due to the choice of using 2 baskets at once allowing for a more diverse cooking experience.

  • A oil capacity of 5 litres makes is ideal for large families who require large quantities of food.
  • A variety of baskets come with the product meaning you can prepare two dishes at once.
  • A separate knob allows the user to time their food as they are cooking it so that every ingredient is fried at the right time and for the right length of time, an important element for any keen chef.


  • The time dial allows for an even fry and better quality meal.
  • The choice of baskets means that it is functional for both domestic and commercial use as well as busy environments.
  • A quick heating element shortens the cooking time freeing up your time for other important matters.


  • The handles for the fryers do cause problems as they are not easily attachable.
  • The fryer will not operate until you have selected a time for it to cook which can be inconvenient.

While you can cook a bigger quantity of food, or even 2 types of food at a time, it can be dangerous to operate due to problem with handle assembly. However it is great for a busy kitchen that can use the timer provided as to not need to keep an eye on the fryer constantly. 

Growing up with parents owning a fish & chips shop, I have always loved fried food. Granted, not healthy for you, but it tastes oh sooo good! Discovering air fryers and halogen fryers has been a God-send. The healthy way to eat fried foods.

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